Whenever someone contacts me about improving their deadlift one of three things come up as a point of emphases: I’m weak off the floor, I struggle at lockout or I need to improve my grip. Over the next 3 blog entries I will explore ways to improve each of these pinch points.

Improving the start of the deadlift – developing power off the floor. One of my favorite exercises for developing power off the floor for the deadlift is doing the lift from a deficit. I like to stand on a standard 45 pound plate (2″ in width) and perform the lift the same as if you were¬† doing it from the floor. Remember the starting of the lift is all about power. Applying as much force to the bar as possible.

Deficit Deadlift

Tips: Make sure your lower back is not rounded at the start of the lift.

Start off a smaller deficit (1″) and work your way up.

To progress the movement for the more advanced do it in a straight legged manner.

Reps / Sets  of 1 for power. Get place to start.

3 sets of 8 make sure you reset after each rep.

Here’s a video of me preparing for the 2011 NOTLD which in my opinion was one of the greatest deadlift meets of all time.