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Training for Warriors is a holistic approach to training designed to develop  muscular strength and mental fortitude. The Worldwide TFW programs utilize ongoing evaluation and feedback to adapt specific strength & conditioning protocols to fit each “warrior’s” needs.

​Martin Rooney, founder of Training for Warriors, and Coach Sadiv have trained, worked, and developed methodology together for years. Sadiv Sets are  an integral part of the TFW protocol.

FALL 2014


6:30, 9:00 am

​at Parisi Fair Lawn   (Train to NYC is easily accessible from facility)

Coach Sadiv is a Strength Advisor to theTraining for Warriors Corporation.

Try TFW and Bring out the Warrior Within

Sept 30        6:30 am

Oct.  1          9:00 am

Oct.  2          7:30 pm

Call 201 794-1555 to reserve your free session. 

Deadlifts for Warriors, Rich Sadiv

Sadiv Set

“Power = Force x Velocity”, or for those who don’t like to do the math, “move something very heavy as fast as you can”. I never let my mind stop my body from doing something. In other words I treat all the weight the same; as if it was light.  How do you train this mind body relationship? The Sadiv Set. It has also been referred to as The Sadist Set but that defeats the purpose.  Deadlifts for Warriors.

Coach Sadiv
(201) 794-1555
2-22 Banta Pl, Fair Lawn, New Jersey